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If you are thinking of an effective, economic and eco-friendly way to heat your living room, wood burning stoves are the ideal solutions to your problem.

Wood burning stoves can be nine times as efficient as an open fire (3x as much heat with a third of the wood burnt), they generate between 9 – 13kw of heat and burn wood up to 10hrs without refuelling. All of those advantages in an essentially environmentally friendly way.


The heat generated by a wood burning stove is evenly distributed through the room and the room tends to be warmest in the whole house.

Contemporary wood burning stoves use a process called double combustion which makes them clean to use, the stove reaches temperatures at which most of the substances in the smoke are also burnt, that is the reason for the name double combustion.

In theory, stoves can be easily installed by buyers but problems can occur during the installation process, such as positioning of the chimney pipes and concerning distances of the stove and flue pipes from inflammable surfaces and other problems, so make sure you read all the documentation that comes with your wood burning stove.

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  1. installing wood burning stoves is a good idea especially in winter where we need heat around the house, the problem is how to positioning the chimney. It is a better ask the professional to install them, we pay extra but we get better in result.

    Comment by erwan — May 1, 2009 @ 11:09 am

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